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S.p.e.a.k life Vol. 1 Identity is a  life-changing "3 in 1" Inspirational Poetry Book, journal and devotional for girls, teens, and young women  

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Welcome To Speak Life Poetry Where we encourage, uplift, and empower you to overcome adversity through the gift of poetry with a faith-based focus on the Word of God and an understanding of His love for us. Our mission here is to embrace our Christ-Centered Identities, Purposes, and Callings and live them out to the fullest extent making an impact on others to do the same. 

We do so by speaking events, poetry workshops, community outreach and more

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My name is Lakanjala Williams

 I am the author of Speak life poetry Vol. 1 Identity. I am so excited, honored,  and truly grateful that I get the opportunity to share this journey of growth, healing and freedom with you as we celebrate the completion of this first volume. 

I look forward to hearing from you,  connecting, and growing as we "speak life" together. I am here for you and 

would love to hear from you! Please join my email list below to stay in touch and receive updates.


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    Lakanjala Williams Author Speak Life Poetry Volume 1

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    Debut Book
    by Author

    Lakanjala Williams


    Now Available


    Author Bio.

    Lakanjala K. Williams, also known as “Elle,” resides in
    Snellville, Ga. with her husband and three children. She is a
    native of Huntsville, Alabama. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies 
    from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). 
    She is an Author,, Host, Creative Writer, Model, and
    Entrepreneur but the title she holds most dear is beloved
    Daughter of God. It is her passion to help other women
    and young girls discover their true identity in Christ and
    ownership of this title as His Daughter.
    She is a powerful, compassionate speaker and Woman of
    God with an authentic vulnerability that truly resonates
    and connects with her audience. Lakanjala is armed with
    an electrifying passion for ministry and sharing the Gospel
    of Jesus Christ.
    Through S.P.E.A.K. Life Poetry, she is on a mission to
    encourage, empower and equip girls and young women
    throughout the world with a strong sense of identity and
    confidence. Ultimately, building stronger families and
    communities, speaking life, and spreading the love of God
    one heart at a time.

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